Paintball Guns Pump High Pressure Hand Pump 30MPa Pcp

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1. Soft non slip handle;

2. Material Advantage: Three stage inflator 100% 304 stainless steel;
3. Quick connector: International standard diameter 8mm,100% copper made;
4. Water cooling structure: reduce core temperature,increase inflatable pressure;
5. Resistance to shake pressure gauges,much more accuracy,it is fluorescence pressure gauges;
6. Fold pedal: Protect pressure gauge,easier to carry.
7. 2 Stainless steel tube + brass piston come with a lifetime warranty.
8. 2 inch pressure gauge display control inflatable pressure easily. (Gauge has 2 colors: Black/ White)
9. 4mm thick footboard non-slip control balance.
10. Pump filter, available color: Golden/ Blue/ Black, tools and accessories.

Basic Parameters:

Product Name: High pressure pump
Product Color: Silver White,Black and Camouflage
Pedal Style: a. Eight-shaped Fixed Style, b. Foldable style, c. Butterfly shape
Gross Weight: 2KG / 2.8KG / 3KG / 3.1KG
Package Size: 610mm*110mm*60mm / 650mm*180mm*60mm / 670mm*280mm*60mm
Working Pressure: 0-4500psi
Hose Length: 500mm
Inflator Material: Advantage 304 stainless steel
Piston Material: 100% copper
Quick Connector Material: 100% copper
304 Stainless Steel, All Copper O-rings Material, Exquisite Technology

Product Component:
TRP Rubber Handle,
Precision Three Floors Tube,
Pressure Gauge,
Hose with Female Connector,
Sealing O-rings,
Car Connector,
Hexagon Wrench,
Silicone Oil





Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 64 × 16 × 6 cm


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