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30MPa High pressure CE 9L carbon fiber cylinder with valve


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Products Description of 30MPa High pressure carbon fiber cylinder


Gas cylinder (30MPa High pressure carbon fiber cylinder)

Acecare Tech produces portable gas cylinders through advanced technology. Compared with conventional respirators, we use aluminum or aluminum composite cylinders instead of steel ones, with a weight reduction of 40%-70%, so they are more preferable for people with breathing problems.

Gas Cylinder introduction

Gas cylinder liners are made of high quality 6061 aluminum alloy materials. The manufacturing procedure includes punching, drawing, heat treatment, CNC flow forming spinning, inner surface treatment, etc. The wall thickness is uniform with little difference. The shape of the shoulder and base are produced with high precision and consistency.

  • 15-year lifetime warranty;
  • 5-year requalification period; 15-year life;
  • Smooth, high quality, easy-care exterior finish.

Packing and Delivery

Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 62 cm
Place of Origin

Liaoning, China


Scuba cylinder

Water capacity




Brand Name



High, 30Mpa

Working pressure








Model Number


Outside Diameter



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