How to refill an HPA paintball tank at home

How to fill a paintball tank at home

At Acecare Technology, most of our customers who purchase our carbon fiber cylinders to use as paintball tanks always want to know how to fill an air(paintball) tank at home. Refilling air tanks isn’t quite as easy as most popular airgun forums would have you believe but we will provide a full (step-by-step) manual in on filling a paintball tank.

What’s a paintball tank?

Paintball tanks are cylinders often light that is used in an equipment-intensive sport of shooting of painting on an opponent. While paintball guns are often called paintball markers that shoot capsules called paintball that is used to tag enemy opposing teammates.

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Different types of paintball tanks

HPA(high-pressure compressed air) tank

High-pressure compressed air tanks contains pressured air at 3000psi or 4500 psi. At Acecare store we have different HPA tanks with various sizes and capaciticy.

CO2 paintball tank

The compressed CO2 paintball tank contains liquid CO2 due to compressed CO2 will always be in liquid state.

The process required to fill a HPA paintball tank at home.

It saves a lot of money when refilling a HPA paintball tank at home rather than paying each time to refill.

Step-by-step guide on filling a HPA paintball tank.

Having a 4500 psi air compressor pump is the best possible option that’s stress free with maximum safe. It’s consider expensive for a standard paintball fan.

Price of air compressor pump at Acecare store is $212.

If you can’t afford an air compressor pump then consider using a SCUBA cylinder of your own. You would need a filling station to connect to scuba tank and your HPA paintball tank.

How to refill a HPA paintball tank using SCUBA cylinder tank at home

  1. Connect the filling station

    Attach the filling station to the SCUBA.

  2. Connect the cylinders

    Connect the filling station to the SCUBA and the paintball tank

  3. Turning the valve

    Turn the primary valve gently and slowly to avoid hot refill. The air will flow into the paintball tank till it fills up.

How to fill a paintball tank at home

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