How to fill an air tank?

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Chances are that if you are reading this article then you own an air tank and search for how to fill an air tank? Filling an air tank requires some level of expertise and carefulness to avoid horrendous hazards. Today we at Acecare would be providing a step by step guide on how to fill an air tank?

Step by Step guide on how to fill an air tank

Step One

Examining the air tank careful for leakage, damage or blend on the body. This is an important step to make sure that the air tank is fit for usage before filling up. This help avoided unwanted accident at the workshop or place of fill up. Filling a damage or leaking air tank would defeat the purpose of filling the air tank at first place. Here is an article that would provide more help on how to examine an air tank for leakage.

Step Two

Make sure that the air tank is empty. Open the gauge gently to release the air, this should last for about 3 minutes. Don’t open the gauge completely to avoid displaced of the air tank. It’s important to release the air in an open area with lots of ventilation to avoid causing a breathing problem.

Step Three

Filling the air tank with an air compressor is the fastest and safest method to fill an air tank. Connect the air tank using a filling station to the air compressor. Make sure that both nozzles are tight to avoid air leakage.

air compressor
AIr compressor

Connect the air compressor to a power source. Start the air compressor to start passing air into the air tank. Depending on the size of the air tank, within minutes the air tank should be filled with air. Measure the PSI of the air tank when filling to ensure it meets the required amount for the air tank. Once done, remove the filling station and unplug the air compressor. Always remember to place your air tank in a safe and secure place at the workshop or place of work after filling to avoid dangerous hazards. You could early learn of an alternative method of filling an HPA air tank at home.

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Do you have a manual? I bought one and lost it’s manual

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