Acecare CE 2l 4500psi HPA Tank for Paintball Game and Outdoor Game with Normal Valve


  • ⭐Safe. We already did the Hydro test to her to eliminate your concern for her healthy when you got her. Every 5 year, she need to do the hydro test.
  • ⭐Light Weight. She is only 1.5kg. Carbon fiber composite air cylinder is a new material cylinder developed in recent years. Compared with the traditional steel cylinders, the weight is reduced by 70%.
  • ⭐New Manufacture Date. She is in 2023 year. We do not keep a lot in stock, and we normally produce in ahead of 3 months, so our tanks are newest date.
  • ⭐CE CERTIFIED. She was born according to CE standard and she will be with you for 15 years if you treat her good and keep her in good condition.
  • ⭐Porduct Application: Loading gas, Emergency escape respirator, Fire breathing apparatus, Underwater breathing apparatus, Lifesaving of ships, Clean energy, Snorkeling diving breathing, PCP rifle and Paintball filling, Medical care and Mine emergency etc. Widely for fire-fighting, chemical industry, shipping, laboratory, mine, pertroleum, warehouse, factory and metallurgy, it can be used in various positive pressure breathing apparatus.
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Please confirm if CE certified tank is ok for you.

1.Water Capacity:2L

2.Material: Import Carbon Fiber

3.Thread Size:M18*1.5

4.Empty Weight: 1.5kg/3.30lb




8.Working Pressure:30Mpa/ 300Bar/ 4500Psi

9.Test Pressure:450BAR

10. Burst pressure:1020BAR

11.Design Life:15 Years

12.Certified:CE/EN12245 approved by ECM on 21th May, 2018

13.Liner Material:6061A

14.Carbon Fiber Material:T700SC-12000-50C

15.Content:Breathable Air Only EN12021

Production Process

cylinder production process

Product Advantages

Skilled quality – Military quality, safe and reliable Carbon fiber gas cylinder, safety first choice.

Imported material security- Featured high-quality AL6061 material, excellent compressive wear resistance.

High strength more pressure- Full-wrapped composite cylinder, its special structure ensures stable product performance, strong safety, pressure up to 30MPa.

Design safety seal- Sealing ring groove design safety seal.

Fashion of carbon fiber gas cylinder- Seamless design of filament winding.


Main Uses

Main Uses

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 40 cm


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